The More Helpers, the Better the Outcome

We Need Your Support

Our last YIM- committee meeting before the 9th Youth in Mission Congress is ending. We are leaving with updated to-do- lists, checklists, don’t-dare-to-forget-lists, with instructions for our co-workers. Yet, the keys for the school still need to be insured, the toilet paper needs to be ordered, the gifts for our co-workers need to get wrapped. The congress booklet is still in the making and needs to be translated once it’s finished. One of our guitar players won’t be able to make it to the congress, so a new one has to be found in time.

Stress? Yes.

But we are looking forward. Very much! To you. And to the shared time with you, with God and to whatever we are going to experience with one another.

And we need you. In our committee there are all together 19 individuals. There are approximately 50 coworkers of ours- the number always fluctuates a little. And volunteers? There’s great need of those! Especially in the areas of security, but also in the areas of cleaning, outdoor, and hall arrangement.

And now here’s the call to the all the good souls out there: We need you! If you are willing to help us out, please go to your account and select a volunteer option that is still in need of helpers.
We’d be glad if you did- because: The more helpers, the better the outcome!

Written by Astrid Waniek on Wednesday, 25 February 2015.
Posted in Volunteers , YiMC 2015