In order to ensure a day of rest for everyone, we prefer not to hire a caterer on Sabbath. Due to the lack of school facilities to be able to cook for so many people, we revert to the „tried and true“ Potluck tradition of potato salad with (vegie) sausages. This keeps the effort and energy for the kitchen team to a minimum.
Because it is important to us that the vegans at YiM also get enough to eat, we have consciously decided against a mayonnaise or yoghurt based dressing.
All types of foods are not suited to the quantity of food output that we must provide. Each portion must be kept warm and fresh, and, at the same time, we try to select food that is tasty to most young people. We assure you, however, that we do make an effort to present at least some variation in the choice of food each year.
The philosophy of our kitchen team is to find the balance between a healthy diet that tastes good and has a good price value. It may be hard to believe, but our “daily bread“ is one of the largest financial strains of the conference. Offering simple food makes it possible for us to keep the participation fee manageable for participants who normally could not afford such a conference.
Getting “seconds” is allowed at all meals because it is important to us that all participants get enough to eat. At breakfast and supper, it is possible to get “seconds” immediately. At lunch, “seconds” can normally be obtained at the furthest serving table. We ask for your understanding in waiting to get “seconds” at lunch after the first 15-20 minutes of the mealtime rush.
The reason we must sort trash is very practical: we must pay for the disposal of every cubic meter of trash. By stacking the plates, we save space and reduce participant fees. The silverware is also being separately disposed to ensure that the trash bags do not tear and create an unappetizing mess. Unopened food items such as butter or marmalade can be reused, however bread cannot be reused, due to hygienic reasons. Items that cannot be reused are not simply thrown away, but are being donated to a horse breeding farm.
According to the current hygiene standards, we are not allowed to reuse plastic silverware or packaging. However, we do our best to reduce as much unnecessary waste as possible.
It has become apparent to us that when everyone fills his/her own bottle, there is more flexibility and less dependence on food service times. The quality of the school’s tap water is constantly monitored and is subject to strict guidelines for drinking water.
All places are repeatedly being cleaned up so that all participants can enjoy a clean place to eat at the next meal. This is the task of our many volunteers who energetically support us in the kitchen area. Conversely, it is important to us that our volunteers miss as little time as possible from the conference events; therefore we try our best to complete all tasks by the time the next workshop or meeting begins. The volunteers depend on each participant to do their part in supporting and expediting the clean-up process.
During the past years, we have been able to significantly reduce the waiting time; however, the fact remains that there are still well over 1000 young people who are simultaneously experiencing growling stomachs. Our random tests have indicated that the average waiting time is not more than 15 minutes. Considering the total serving time of one hour, this results in approximately three seconds per person. We thank you for your understanding of the limitations caused by the structural parameters of our venue. Despite these limitations, we are making effort each year to reduce the waiting time.
The food at the conference is primarily vegetarian. However, every participant has the opportunity to select only vegan options (for example, one can omit butter or cheese). We try to take as many participants as possible into consideration when we choose the ingredients for our menu.
Unfortunately, we are not able to cater to the allergies and intolerances of all participants. Although it is possible to select only vegan options, we are unfortunately not able to offer gluten-free bread, etc. In the case of these food intolerances, we kindly ask the affected persons to take care of their own alternatives.
When choosing a caterer, we take consideration that the products are organic and are grown in the region. Therefore, on one hand, the caterers that we choose are organically certified, and, on the other hand, they fulfill the current hygiene standards, which are stipulated by the EU guidelines. Of course, the opinion of the participants and cost effectiveness also play a role in the selection process.


To gain permission to set up a booth at the conference, please send a request tot he following e-mail address:


The choice of songs is influenced largely by the incorporation of other regions; therefore some of the songs are more familiar in other regions. When choosing the songs, we try to consider our foreign participants. This also gives our German participants the opportunity and joy of learning new songs.
During the program planning, all program points must be reduced and restricted (or even deleted) due to time constraints. Otherwise, the program would become much too long. Therefore, we must also limit the singing. However, we consider praising God through music an essential part of worship, and, in order to reserve enough time for singing, we hold song service ten minutes before every main event. Of course, we cannot avoid the disturbance of people coming in during this time, but try our best by inviting all participants to be in attendance ten minutes ahead of each main event to praise God in song.
At our conference, a large number of people come together, representing a wide spectrum of music preferences. Some advocate traditional hymns and others appreciate more modern Christian songs. During the selection process, we always try to find the “golden middle”. If you have suggestions for songs for our next conference, you are welcome to indicate the songbook and number on the Contact Form.
Our conference is no longer exclusively attended by German-speaking participants. Many of our guests speak other languages, primarily English. We also want to give them the opportunity to praise God in song. Since most of our German-speaking participants are also competent in English, the majority can take part in singing.
At this conference, we try to feature music that is congruent with our beliefs. We are always on search to find people who ensure a good quality of music. They are not merely singing or playing as a presentation, but they are living out their faith. Unfortunately, we are not able to get to know all the good musicians (from Baden-Wuerttemberg and elsewhere). If they were known to us, we would be happy to give them precedence as well. Generally this pertains: If you think that the music at this conference could be enriched by your talent, while maintaining or surpassing the current quality, then please inform us on the contact form! We would then be happy to get to know you better and to make a little music with you so that we will be convinced by your talent. However, unfortunately we are not able to integrate every music group, even if we would like to. Therefore, we ask for your understanding if it does not work out.
Many old church hymns that we sing today are habitually being sung very slowly, despite the fact that the tonal structure of the hymn itself stipulates a faster tempo. For example, in the hymnbook „Wir loben Gott“ (“We Praise God“), a faster tempo is notated at the beginning of the hymn in small text on the left over the first verse. We try to set a tempo appropriate for the text and tonal structure of the hymn, consciously placing emphasis on vitality and joy, as was originally intended by the composers.


Eine Anmeldung als Tagesgast ist über die Homepage möglich. Am Sabbat ist die Teilnahme frei. Spenden können gerne bei der Gabensammlung im Gottesdienst gegeben werden.
Yes, however you will have to pay for accomodation anyhow. At the moment there are two packages available for booking: either an all inclusive package with accomodation and meals or a package with neither food nor accomodation.
Unfortunately, it is not possible. A refund involves a significant amount of time and expense. However, you may find a replacement person who would like to take part in the conference in your place. Simply write us an e-mail indicating the name of the person you would like your fee to cover. We will then delete your registration and it will be taken over by the name you give us. You may then ask the person who takes your registration spot to forward the registration fee (which you had already paid) directly to you. Please be aware that your replacement participant must participate under the same conditions (same amount of time, including/excluding food, etc) that you had registered for, so that the fee amount is exactly equal to what you paid.
We have to manually mark all incoming payments in our system. Please have patience and check again in a few days to see if the money exited your account. If you still have not received a payment confirmation after three weeks, then you may contact us to inquire; contacting us before waiting three weeks is not necessary.
A confirmation e-mail is automatically sent after successfully completing the registration process. Please check to be sure that your e-mail address was entered correctly and check your junk mail or spam folder to be sure that the confirmation email is not there. Also make sure your inbox is not full and can still receive new messages.
Yes! Please bring a receipt of payment from your bank so that we can confirm that the participation fee has been received.
You need a PDF-Reader to open the Parent/Legal Guardian Release Form. You may download the PDF-Reader here: or
No! Due to legal obligations, we must have this document ahead of time. Without the Parent/Legal Guardian Release Form we will not be able to activate your registration, even if you have already paid.
Yes, you can download it here:
Ihr könnt gerne als gesamte Familie zum YiMC kommen. Aufgrund der Platzverhältnisse ist es allerdings leider nicht möglich, jeder Familie ein eigenes Familien-Klassenzimmer zur Verfügung zu stellen. Familienzimmer bedeutet daher, dass dort die Mutter mit ihren Babys und/oder Kleinkindern gemeinsam mit anderen Müttern und deren Babys oder Kleinkindern übernachten kann. Die Väter sind wie alle anderen männlichen Teilnehmer in dem Schlafbereich der Männer untergebracht. Wer an dem Familienzimmer interessiert ist, muss eine E-Mail an schreiben.

Übernachtung und sanitäre Einrichtungen

No. Simply let us know whom you would like to stay with when you arrive and register on site.
All participants who have registered as overnight guests sleep in designated areas in different halls. Please bring your own sleeping bag and mat.
Toilets and sinks are available as well as large rooms with showers.
No, for hygenical reasons we cannot allow any pets at the congress.