14.-18. April  |  16. YIMC


Does it really make sense to be an Adventist?


April 14 – 18, 2022  |  16. YIMC

Youth in Mission Congress

Adventelligent – Does it really make sense to be an Adventist?

Adventists are next-level Christians. For the most part, they maintain a stricter lifestyle, their church services last longer, and they keep the Sabbath. But regardless of what other clichés you think of when you think about the Seventh-day Adventist Church, we have to allow for these kind of questions: What significant differences are there between Adventists and other Christians? How crucial and important are these differences? Why should I choose not only to live as a Christian but also to live as an Adventist? What questions would you have for an Adventist? Are there any Adventist beliefs that you do not understand, find to be legalistic or rather unbalanced? By attending this congress, you will learn why Adventist beliefs not only make sense, but are also something you can be proud of.


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