Main speakers

Martin Pröbstle
Martin Pröbstle – born in Freiburg (hence SC fan), enthusiastic about brilliant non-fiction books, recently started mountain biking (a whole 700 metres to work). However, he will put down any book for a games night and enjoys getting into deeper dialogue with people. Above all, he loves it when others get to know Jesus really well. He is dean and lecturer for Old Testament at Seminar Schloss Bogenhofen in Austria. There he delves into the depths of the Bible together with young people, asks thought-provoking questions and finds practical answers with them. By the way: If you want to study theology, “Bogi” is the right place for you. Martin is married and has two grown-up sons.
Edwin Rosado
Andy Weber


Old Testament Law and me?
– Edwin Rosado
The laws of the Old Testament are an area of study that many of us tend to ignore. There are all these weird laws that don’t seem to make sense and even if they did, how are they applicable to us today? Many people accuse Christians of cherry-picking the laws of the Old Testament and ignoring the rest, which leads to many arguments and accusations of hypocrisy. What are Old Testament laws? What framework or tools can we develop to better understand them and which ones are applicable to us today? All these questions and more will be discussed in this workshop.
Can women and men only be friends? Part I
– Edwin & Kathi Rosado
Recently, the issue of platonic friendships between the sexes has sparked a heated debate. Some claim that they are possible because they live them in their daily lives, while others claim that they are impossible. What are friends? How do we develop friendships that are valuable? What are the challenges of friendships between the sexes and is it possible to develop such a friendship? These questions and more will be discussed in the first part of this workshop.
Can women and men only be friends? Part II
– Edwin & Kathi Rosado
This workshop is aimed at people who may be looking for long-term relationships, are married or are no longer teenagers. How do platonic friendships between the sexes affect our lives? Is there anything we can learn to improve our future relationships in regards to this topic? Other topics will include emotional affairs, recognising when a friendship is crossing the line and how to better ensure safety in relationships.
Starving to be satiated
– Silje-Maria Jensen
What are eating disorders? What do they look like, why do they develop— and what are they really about?
When faith does more harm than good
– Silje-Maria Jensen
What is spiritual abuse? What does it look like, what are the mechanisms and effects?


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