Main speakers

Jonathan Leonardo
A pastor currently living in Hawaii; loves the beach; likes to learn all sorts of new things via YouTube; he is convinced that he is saved by Jesus. Deep conversations with new friends mean a lot to him because because to him it feels as if he’s discovering a new world.
Bastian Ogon
Enthusiastic youth pastor; happily married; enjoys spending time with family & friends; loves to play guitar and thinks nothing beats a really good pizza.



Workshop speakers

Why it makes sense to believe in God
– Edwin Rosado
Is faith in God something something that is reasonable and that actually makes sense — even in difficult times? In this workshop, you will learn why it can makes sense to trust an invisible God nonetheless.
Roisterous hallelujah
– Andreas Weber
While almost all churches are losing young members, churches like ICF and Hillsong are rapidly gaining new young people. What makes them better than Adventists? What dangers are waiting there? In this workshop we will analyze the phenomenon and you are invited to actively join the discussion!
The (dis)order of the sexes?! On gender, God, and do-gooders
– Anastasia Haar
The LGBTQ movement plays an increasingly important role in society and does not stop at the church. What is behind the movement, where does it come from and what are its foundations? How can we approach this from a biblical perspective? Join the discussion in this workshop!
Sabbath: Theory vs practice
– Simone Castoro
Adventists can justify the Sabbath from the Bible quite easily. However, a closer look reveals some myths have crept in. In this workshop you will discover biblical principles to find your perfect Sabbath!
Make a difference in your everyday grey
– Florian Scheel
The pressures of everyday life can make us lose sight of our goals. A small group, however, can help brighten up your life. Together, through fellowship, you can get to know God better and more authentically. Find out in this workshop how you can make it happen.
What Netflix & Co. have copied from Ellen White
– Viktor Ott
Those who know about Adventism usually also know about Ellen White and her writings. How important is her life and everything she wrote for us today?
Forever Alone? When you keep waiting for you life partner
– Fabia Wambui und Anastasia Haar
We will openly address what it means to be single and all the challenges that come with it within the Adventist church. How do you deal with longings and desires when you are single, and why are there singles at all if God did not originally intend it that way? Learn more about a fulfilled single life here.


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